Addiction Treatment for Teens & Young Adults at River Oaks

The battles of alcohol and drug addictions aren’t reserved for the mature adults. There are teens and young adults who face these struggles as well. Substance use disorders and alcohol use disorders impact different races, genders, and age groups. But help is available. Those struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction don’t have to struggle alone. In reaching out for help, they have a chance to reach long-term sobriety.

River Oaks Treatment Center, an American Addiction Centers’ (AAC) facility, provides medical detox, residential treatment, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient program, and partial hospitalization program (PHP), as well as aftercare planning.

AAC is a nationwide leader in addiction treatment, and River Oaks supports their efforts in the Sunshine State of Florida. Teens 18 and older and young adults have the opportunity in getting admitted to rehab just like all others seeking help. Individuals are met with a compassionate team of medical professionals. And a customized treatment program is created for each individual based on their medical needs, medical history, co-occurring mental health conditions if any, a psychological assessment, as well as other factors.

Treating addiction in teens and young adults

 Parents can’t force their teen or young adult son or daughter to go into treatment. As adults with their own will, they have to be willing to seek the help they need for their substance or alcohol addiction. What may help with encouraging a young adult is to prepare them for what to expect in addiction treatment.

Within the first 24 hours of arriving at the front door of River Oaks’ facility, our registered nurses will provide a nursing and medical health assessment when new patients arrive. In order to determine the best level of care for each particular patient, the nurses work with the physician to make the decision. Psychiatric evaluations are completed by the end of the second day.

As much as it’s important to know what to bring to treatment, it’s equally important to know what to avoid bringing to rehab. The obvious culprits are alcohol, drugs, and weapons of any sort. This can include anything that can be substituted for a weapon as well, such as fireworks or a knife. Do not bring any of these items.

Teens should also avoid bringing clothing that has drug logos or drug- or alcohol-related messages, or clothing that is revealing. And outside food, drinks, and candy pales in comparison to the executive chef prepared meals that will be available daily, so individuals should please leave their own vittles at home. And although patients may feel comforted by a childhood stuffed animal or even a blanket, it’s best to leave those home as well, as our facility provides all the bedding that is needed.

What to make sure you bring:

  • Insurance card.
  • A change of casual and comfortable clothing for two weeks.
  • Appropriate reading material (i.e., non-sexual in nature).
  • Picture ID.
  • Workout clothing.
  • Prescription medications that are needed.

River Oaks Treatment Center is a facility that takes care of all of its patients while meeting their specific needs with a custom-made treatment plan created just for them. With a great team surrounding each individual, patients are able to take their first steps into a healthy and productive life in recovery.

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