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At River Oaks, we pride ourselves on being a pillar of the community as well as a willing participant in important events around the city, county, and country. Our upcoming events are a great way to learn more about how we’re getting involved with the community. They are also a great way to get in touch with us.

Addiction Talk – Facebook Live Show

“Addiction Talk” is a Facebook Live show dedicated to sharing the personal stories of celebrities, influencers and everyday people impacted by addiction. Through sharing our personal journeys, we break the stigma and shame of addiction, and provide hope and inspiration for the millions of Americans battling this disease every day – because we recover together.


Alumni Meetings with American Addiction Centers

River Oaks alumni belong to a larger community of alumni from all American Addiction Centers (AAC) facilities across the United States. AAC hosts weekly virtual meetings for alumni to get together, connect, and share.

  • LocationZoom Meeting
  • Day/Time: Monday and Wednesday – 7:30PM EST
  • Meeting ID: 856 4843 1678

Media & Events

WDBO Radio- Florida’s lockdown could reveal undiagnosed depression and trigger addiction relapse

NBC Maine- Experts warn: coronavirus lockdowns may reveal undiagnosed addictions

Business Insider- 11 ways post-traumatic stress disorder can affect your body

MSN- 11 ways post-traumatic stress disorder can affect your body

Technology Times- 11 ways post-traumatic stress disorder can affect your body

Addiction Professional- LGBTQ+ Individuals More Likely to Engage in Substance Misuse at Younger Age

LGBTQ Nation- Here’s how you can support the LGBTQ community when it’s needed most

Teen Vogue- How Schools Can Help Students Cope With Coronavirus Trauma During Distance Learning

The Doctor Weighs In- Prioritizing Addiction Medicine: Key to Closing Gaps in Addiction Treatment

Moments of Clarity with Tiffany- New Year’s topic

Stat News- Addiction and behavioral health care workers should have access to Covid-19 testing and vaccines

Kaiser Health News- KHN Morning Briefing

The Doctor Weighs In- Dependency vs. Addiction: How to Know If You’ve Crossed the Line

Minority Nurse- Building a Bridge Between the Black Community and Mental Health Providers

Grad School Hub- How to Use Your Social Work Degree to Help Decriminalize Mental Illness

Birdy Magazine- How to Use Your Social Work Degree to Help Decriminalize Mental Illness

Florida Patch- Addiction Recovery For Professionals At River Oaks Treatment

The Observer- A local Riverview nurse has won the esteemed DAISY Award for exceptional patient care

Illuminate Recovery Podcast- Ep. 051 – Travis Pantiel

Orlando Sentinel — Commentary: As overdoses and mental illnesses rise, we must help in our greatest hour of need

LBTQ Nation – Culturally competent treatment is essential for trans people recovering from substance use

US Veterans Magazine – How Veterans Can Overcome Barriers to Addiction Treatment 

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If you of know of any events in which you think we should be involved, please call Jeffrey Turiczek at 813-605-3974 or email him at


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