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Florida Addiction Guide

Florida is the home of diversity. With all age groups represented, a mix of cultures, and the beautiful beach as well as miles of swampland available to those who are ready to explore, it is the destination of choice for people from across the country and around the world.

It is no wonder then that so many who are in crisis turn to Florida as a place of healing and hope. A range of comprehensive and effective treatment programs are available from the Georgia-Florida line down to the tip of the Panhandle, many of which are right on the water.

  • River Oaks Treatment Center: River Oaks Treatment Center, located in Tampa, Florida, and it is another top-ranked treatment program in the state. All levels of care are provided to men and women over the age of 18, including medical detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient treatment. Those who are living with a substance use disorder or co-occurring disorders will be able to tailor their program intensity to meet their needs. The CARF-accredited program offers a multidisciplinary team of treatment professionals, including a primary therapist, who work together to create an individualized treatment plan for each and every client, choosing from a range of traditional, alternative, and holistic treatment options. Clients will be able to take advantage of hard-to-find specialized treatment options, including a program for family members and EMDR therapy. Additionally, personal training sessions as well as massage and yoga classes are also available to complement traditional substance use and mental health treatment service.
  • Recovery First Treatment Center: Recovery First Treatment Center, located just outside in Fort Lauderdale in South Florida’s Hollywood, offers a range of levels of treatment for those who are living with a drug or alcohol use disorder, and it is among the top-rated programs in the state. Men and women over the age of 18 can take part in medical detox, outpatient treatment, an intensive outpatient treatment program, a partial hospitalization program, or residential treatment as suits their needs. Each client works in concert with a primary therapist to create a unique treatment plan based on individual needs and goals. Each treatment plan is different but will include a combination of treatments and therapies that may include personal therapy, family therapy, group therapy, support groups, 12-Step meetings, alternative therapies, holistic treatments, relapse prevention, and long-term support through aftercare treatment and alumni groups.
  • Ambrosia Treatment Center: With locations in Singer Island and Port St. Lucie, Florida, Ambrosia Treatment Center is well reviewed and provides a step-by-step treatment program for adults over the age of 18. The program begins with a medical detoxification process that lasts 3-10 days, if needed, followed by a residential treatment program that lasts 14-35 days. The treatment program offers 24-hour care and supervision that includes intensive addiction treatment and treatment for co-occurring mental health issues. Next, continuing care is provided to clients as they transition into sober living outside of the treatment environment. Depending on the needs of the client, it can mean daily outpatient treatment, regular weekly therapy and treatment services, or occasional check-ins with staff and peers. Alumni groups are available, as are groups for family members who would like to support their loved ones in recovery.
  • Origins of Hope: One of the top-rated woman-centered drug rehab programs in the state, Origins of Hope is located in Lake Worth, Florida, and provides comprehensive care to women who are living with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Individualized treatment plans are created for each client, and alumni and aftercare services are available to clients for a lifetime. Intervention services are available, and they work with most insurance companies while providing financing options for those without insurance or those whose insurance companies will not cover the full cost of treatment. Clients will take part in individual therapy that offers trauma-informed care and makes use of Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the relational model of treatment. Additionally, clients will take part in process-oriented group therapy, skills groups, and other treatment options that may include equine-assisted therapy, reiki, acupuncture, and yoga.
  • A Road to Recovery: Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, the highly rated addiction treatment program at A Road to Recovery is a “family-based” experience for clients, providing an environment in treatment that is closer to living in a college dorm than living in an institution. Outpatient treatment, inpatient care, and alumni and aftercare services are available. Inpatient treatment offers an immersive experience, allowing clients to focus solely on their recovery while the outpatient treatment program is held between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. three evenings a week to allow clients who are in need of less intensive substance abuse treatment and support to attend classes, go to work, or care for family members as needed. A medical evaluation and medication review, physical and psychiatric assessments, individual and group counseling, as well as family therapy are provided. Additionally, relapse prevention, life skills groups, anger management, and massage therapy can be incorporated into each client’s treatment plan as needed.
  • White Sands Treatment Center: Located in Fort Myers, Florida, White Sands is well reviewed by clients and family members, offering a highly trained team of substance abuse treatment professionals who are dedicated to serving each client by creating an intensive and unique treatment plan based on their needs. Holistic in nature, treatment programs at White Sands focus on ensuring the safety and comfort of the patient throughout medical detox, providing motivational enhancements during addiction treatment and treatment for co-occurring disorders, and emphasizing the acquisition of behavioral and cognitive skills in the process of treatment – all in a setting that has been designed to provide a beautiful as well as healing environment.
  • Just Believe Recovery Center: Clients can take part in the full continuum of treatment and recovery through the Just Believe Recovery Center in Jensen Beach, Florida. From medical detox into residential treatment through structured sober living or intensive outpatient care, clients will go from active addiction to stability in recovery by following the JBRC recovery process. The focus of their programs is on ensuring that clients have support and care as they transition into independent living in recovery, with ongoing access to peer and staff support and treatment if they encounter any bumps or challenges along the way. Treatment therapies include a core processing group, therapeutic assignments, individual therapy, experiential and arts therapies, and psychoeducational groups. Treatment for dual-diagnosis patients is available.
  • Waters Edge Recovery: Located on the St. Lucie River in Stuart, Florida, Waters Edge Recovery is loved by clients and families that have taken part in their substance abuse and addiction treatment programs. A complete continuum of care for adults over the age of 18 is offered and includes a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, intervention services, sober living, and long-term aftercare services and case management to support clients and their families long into recovery. Treatment is patient-focused and offers care for dual diagnosis that is holistic in nature. In addition to traditional personal, group, and family therapy sessions, treatment options may include art and music therapies, fitness support, nutritional counseling, meditation, and other recreational activities.
  • The Recovery Place: The Recovery Place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is one of many treatment programs provided through Elements Behavioral Health across the country. A top-rated program by past clients, The Recovery Place provides intensive treatment for men and women over the age of 18 who are in need of treatment for substance abuse and addiction alone or in combination with co-occurring mental health disorders. Personalized plans are provided that include a range of treatment options that may include 12-Step as well as 12-Step-alternative support groups, an emphasis on spirituality and the practice of mindfulness, adventure therapies, equine therapies, and trauma-focused therapies as well as traditional treatments, such as individual and group therapy sessions and family therapy and education.
  • Tranquil Shores: Tranquil Shores is an addiction treatment program in Tampa, Florida, that is well reviewed by clients and their families. They prioritize an integrated model of recovery that incorporates treatments and therapies aimed at helping the individual heal on spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological levels. During 13 weeks of treatment, therapies are experiential as well as gender-based, process-oriented, and didactic in nature. The client-to-counselor ratio is 4:1 in order to ensure that each client has the personal care and focus needed to heal. Clients will engage in a minimum of two personal therapy sessions per week as well as 25 hours of group therapies and two hours per week of family therapy. Family members are encouraged to collaborate and take part.
  • Serenity Springs Recovery Center: With facilities located in New Smyrna and Edgewater, Florida, Serenity Springs Recovery Center offers separate residential treatment to men and women (as of 2017) and also offers an outpatient program for clients in need of substance abuse and addiction treatment. With an holistic view of addiction as well as treatment, the programs offer clients an individualized treatment plan that focuses on helping them heal as a whole, with attention paid to the mind, body, and spirit. Treatment services may include a 2:1 client to staff ratio, family services, psychiatric care, EMDR therapy, a neuropsychological assessment, amino acid recovery therapy, equestrian therapy, acupuncture, and family support services. Amenities include 12-Step yoga, access to a professional chef and a nationally certified personal trainer, and more.
  • Ocean Breeze Recovery: There is both a residential treatment program and an intensive outpatient addiction treatment program available to clients through highly rated Ocean Breeze Recovery in Pompano Beach, Florida. Outpatient treatment services are also available to those in need of increased flexibility in schedule and a less intensive treatment option for a substance use disorder. Additionally, Ocean Breeze Recovery maintains a strong alumni program so all clients who complete treatment through any of these programs will be able to continually engage with recovery and connect with peers by taking part in weekly meetings. Amenities available to clients who choose the residential treatment program include bowling and volleyball, access to a nutritionist and a fitness and wellness center, and opportunities to take part in beach meditation and relaxation.
  • London Treatment Center of Florida: In West Palm Beach, Florida, the well-reviewed London Treatment Center of Florida offers outpatient treatment services, an intensive outpatient program, and partial hospitalization treatment to those who are seeking treatment for addiction as well as a co-occurring mental health disorder, like bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, mood disorders, eating disorders, and more. The program provides support for family members as well as long-term aftercare support. Clients who take part in the different programs will have to access to a diverse range of therapies and amenities, including yoga classes, boxing, surfing, chiropractic care, and massages in addition to traditional treatments and therapies.
  • The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches, LLC: There are treatment programs available both to adults and teens at The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches in Lake Worth, Florida. Highly rated by former attendees, the program is a faith-based treatment program with an emphasis on Christian principles through counseling, prayer, and 12-Step meetings. Chronic pain management is a heavy focus for those who need it as well, and there is also a court liaison program available for those who are required to meet the treatment demands of the court as a condition of parole or probation. Dual-diagnosis treatment is available through 24-hour supervised medical detox, intensive outpatient services, residential care, and partial hospitalization programs.
  • Serenity Now: Serenity Now is a Joint Commission-accredited mental health and substance use disorder treatment program located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Detoxification services, inpatient and outpatient intensive addiction treatment, and treatment for mental health disorders are provided to men and women over the age of 18 using therapies and treatments that may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, biosound therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, relaxation therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and more. Additionally, other support services include trauma counseling with the use of EMDR, family counseling, artistic and musical therapies, crisis intervention, yoga, and meditation. Level of treatment and specific therapies are determined based on client assessments completed during the admissions process.
  • Wellington Retreat: The Wellington Retreat is an addiction treatment center located in Lantana, Florida, that provides a unique physician-led individualized treatment for each client that is created using an evidence-base diagnosis. They provide medical detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient care, aftercare support, wellness programs and more for adults in recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Additionally, they provide an adolescent treatment program for clients under the age of 18. They are listed as the only drug rehab program in the state that is owned and operated by an addiction psychiatrist who plays a role in all treatment decisions. A family program and alumni program provide support for clients and their loved ones for the long-term after treatment has been completed.
  • New Life Addiction Treatment Center: Owned and operated by a neurologist and addiction specialist, New Life Addiction Treatment Center in Palm City, Florida, offers ambulatory detox, an intensive outpatient treatment program, partial hospitalization programs, and outpatient treatment services to those in recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. They provide a holistic approach to treatment, working to help clients who were harmed by addiction to heal on all levels – mentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Clients will take part in neurofeedback therapy as a part of their recovery in addition to individual therapy, group counseling, and other traditional treatment options. Clients will also have access to amenities and services, including kayaking, horseback riding, yoga, meditation classes, tai chi, and a fitness center.
  • Gabel Center: The Gabel Center, located in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, is the only known drug rehab program in the country to offer sailing therapy to clients, providing an intensive focus on experiential treatment options in addition to traditional therapies and treatments. Therapy dogs are in residence at the Gabel Center as well, and there is also a program specifically designed for soldiers and sailors returning from military service who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in addition to co-occurring substance abuse disorders, called the Warrior’s Refuge. All programs offer access to psychiatric evaluation, medical detox, rapid resolution therapy, family therapy, intensive personal and group therapies, as well as alumni groups and long-term continuing care on an as-needed basis.
  • Genesis House: Detox and addiction treatment are provided in a residential setting or via intensive outpatient treatment or partial hospitalization programs at Genesis House in Lake Worth, Florida. With a focus on Christian principles and the 12-Step program, there is also a niche program dedicated to serving first responders who are struggling with substance use and abuse. A number of recreational services are available to clients, and they augment traditional and spiritually based treatment options, including yoga, tennis clinics, barbeques, access to exercise classes and outdoor fitness equipment, and therapeutic massage. There is also a Spanish language program available to clients who speak only Spanish or who prefer to explore therapeutic growth and recovery in Spanish.
  • Transformations Treatment: Located in Delray Beach, Florida, Transformation Treatment program is another drug rehab that is highly rated by past clients and families. CARF accredited, Transformations is a Christian-based addiction treatment program that makes use of a range of different treatment options, including 12-Step treatment, age-specific support groups, gender-based support groups, Christian-focused groups, case management, life skills, regular alumni meetings, holistic therapies, and long-term aftercare and support when treatment is complete. They even have an onsite recording studio for clients to use, and family members are encouraged to attend visitation on the weekends and take part in therapy sessions as well.
  • 12 Keys Rehab Center: This rehab center can be found in Jensen Beach, Florida, offering men and women over the age of 18 the treatment and care they need to heal from addiction by utilizing the 12 Keys Model of Treatment. A multidisciplinary approach to treatment that prioritizes a low client-to-counselor ratio, the 12 Keys Model provides a treatment program lasting 30-90 days that includes group as well as individual counseling, uniquely designed treatment plans for each client based on need, detox care and support, 12-Step meetings and the use of a sponsor, and an emphasis on building positive relationships with peers in recovery while undergoing counseling to rebuild relationships with family members.
  • Beachway Therapy Center: A well-reviewed treatment program located in Delray Beach, Florida, Beachway Therapy Center provides treatment for substance abuse and addiction disorders to adult men and women. Residential treatment, detox, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient care are all available to clients. Medical, dental, and mental health care is referred out. Dual-diagnosis treatment is available for clients who are in need of treatment for both a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health condition. Weekly family visitation opportunities, client accounts, and weekly trips to the store are all incorporated into the individual treatment experience.
  • The Watershed Addiction Treatment Program: There are a wide range of programs offered at the Watershed Addiction Treatment Program locations in the Palm Beaches and Boca Raton, Florida, including medical detox, partial hospitalization programs, inpatient treatment, and sober living. The Watershed Philosophy is informed by a focus on building strong and positive relationships in recovery and the identification of addiction as a disease that requires intensive medical and therapeutic treatment as well as long-term support. Called the Watershed Experience, clients will work first on making a change from active drug use to active recovery, then work on restoring clarity and learning how to live in recovery, and then work on getting their lives back after addiction and learning how to live with purpose.
  • The Florida House Experience: There are multiple components of the well-received treatment programs offered at The Florida House Experience located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. First, clients take part in the medical component, a full medical evaluation that seeks to identify any and all underlying medical conditions. Next, clients make use of the psychiatric component, learning if there are any psychiatric diagnoses that may be contributing to substance use and abuse. Next, the clinical component is explored with master’s-level therapists to help clients unlearn negative patterns and behaviors that may be inhibiting their ability to function healthfully. Clients who complete their treatment will have access to alumni groups and aftercare programs to empower their long-term ability to avoid relapse. Additionally, there is an evening outpatient program available to clients to assist them in getting back on course before drug use and abuse spiral out of control.
  • Destination Hope: Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Destination Hope offers a men’s alcohol and drug rehab program as well as a women’s treatment program. These gender-specific programs provide a safe space for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, abuse and trauma.
  • Aloha House: Aloha House is a Pathway to Hope addiction treatment facility located in Hollywood, Florida. Founded in 2012, the organization provides treatment to adult survivors of addiction and offers treatment and support for co-occurring disorders as well with a focus on safety and client-centered care.
  • G & G Holistic Residence: Located in North Miami, Florida, the G & G Holistic Residence offers intensive therapeutic intervention to clients in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Accredited by the Joint Commission, the program uses cognitive therapy, EMDR, psychological testing and more to create a unique treatment plan for each client.
  • Inspirations for Youth and Families: Youth-centered treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders is available at Inspirations for Youth and Families in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For clients aged 13-18, the program provides separate residential treatment services for boys and girls, dual-diagnosis treatment, and teen interventions.
  • Amethyst Recovery Center: Addiction treatment with a focus on building the life skills to be successful on all levels in recovery is available at Amethyst Recovery Center in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Substance abuse education, employment and/ or educational support, life skills training, and mental health treatment services all play a role in the program options available.

If you, or someone you love, are living in Florida and struggling with a substance use disorder, including addiction, with or without co-occurring mental health symptoms, there is a treatment program that will suit your needs. Exploring the options available on this page is a great way to begin your search and make sure that you connect with a treatment program that is uniquely designed to serve the needs of you and your family.

For those who are out of state and hoping to put physical as well as psychological distance between themselves and the stressors at home that may have played a large role in the development of addiction, Florida is an excellent choice for treatment. With sunny skies and easy access to oceans, lakes, and bays, the climate is conducive to healing and wellness.

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