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Substance Abuse

One of the best drug & alcohol rehabs in Florida. Find sobriety and peace at River Oaks Treatment Center, located in Tampa, Florida.

Experience the River Oaks Difference

River Oaks, a premier rehabilitation center in Tampa, offers high-quality addiction treatment combined with all the amenities you desire in a program.

At River Oaks, our specialized treatment for addiction and mental health conditions is second to none. With a world-class medical staff implementing cutting edge, Doctors and nurses from all over the world come to our Tampa facility to learn addiction medicine from the leading experts at River Oaks. Our advanced accreditations and professional licenses mean that patients always receive the highest standard of care. River Oaks is more than just a rehab program, it’s a complete healthcare destination.

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We comply with all HIPAA laws to protect your privacy.

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Co-occurring Disorder Care

We treat underlying issues, like depression and anxiety.

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World Class Medical Staff

Receive best-in-class care from the leading addiction experts

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Evidence-Based Treatment

We offer therapies that address patients holistically.

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Our Promise to You

When you invest and successfully complete 90 consecutive days at an American Addiction Centers facility, we believe that you have created the most solid foundation for your long-term goals of sobriety. In the event that you experience a relapse, you are welcome back for a complimentary 30 days of our treatment*.

*Terms and conditions may apply, and results may vary.

A Place for Everyone

Treatment and duration time will vary for everyone—that’s why we create personalized treatment plans. Research shows the length that a person stays in treatment is the #1 contributing factor to their sobriety. Every day you stay immersed in a program increases the likelihood of staying sober. The team at River Oaks are advocates for our patients and will work with your insurance to obtain the longest length of stay possible for your coverage. Get Started Today

7+ Days

Shortest Time Commitment Offered

  • Focuses strongly on medical detox from drugs and alcohol
  • Covered by most insurance providers
  • The start to your journey to recovery

30+ Days

Average Length of Stay

  • Begins with an intake evaluation and a treatment plan
  • Group and one-on-one therapy key to recovery
  • Aftercare planning for continuing sobriety

60+ Days

Best Outcomes for Achieving Long-term Recovery

  • More in-depth treatment plans
  • Learning of life skills to combat relapse
  • Recommended for co-occurring mental disorders

Specialized Program: Veterans & First Responders

This treatment path creates a community among those who have similar life experience as first responders with addiction and underlying conditions, such as PTSD.

Specialized Program: LGBTQ+

Through dedicated training and building a community within the facility, River Oaks can meet LGBTQ+ individuals where they are, and show them they are not alone in this fight.

Impaired Professionals Program

We understand that certified professionals with substance abuse disorders have a lot at stake - including issues with professional liscensing and more. We work with you to help plan for and overcome these challenges while creating a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

River Oaks Treatment Center photo
River Oaks Treatment Center photo

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See why so many of our alumni consider River Oaks the perfect place to start anew.

Our Admissions Process

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Learn how to become a patient at River Oaks from our compassionate Admissions Navigators.