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Rehab Options at River Oaks

River Oaks' Continuum of Rehab Care

At River Oaks Treatment Facility, we offer a continuum of care for our clients, which provides an easy transition for individuals moving from one level of treatment to another. Clients at our facility may move between the levels of care while in one, continuous treatment stay.

Which Level of Rehab is Right for You?

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Every individual is unique, and we factor your unique needs into your addiction treatment recommendations.

Care begins with a full history and physical assessment within the first 24 hours of your arrival at our Riverview, FL addiction treatment facility and a psychiatric assessment within the first 48 hours of your arrival. After these assessments are finished, an appropriate level of rehab care will be determined but, as previously stated, this may change as you progress through addiction treatment journey.

Medical Detox

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At River Oaks, our first priority is ensuring the safety of each client. Medical detox is often a patient’s first level of care at our Riverview, FL rehab facility, and often the most medically intensive. Following our initial medical and psychological evaluation, if our clinical team determines that a patient has a clinical need for medical detox, we provide a safe, 24/7, medically managed detox environment.

Taking the client’s drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms into consideration, we closely monitor the client throughout the detox process, which lasts approximately five to seven days.

What To Expect In Medical Detox

Inpatient/Residential Addiction Treatment

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Inpatient rehab our Riverview, FL addiction treatment facility a is a step down from medical detox but still requires daily physician visits. Inpatient rehab may be an appropriate addiction treatment option for individuals who are dealing with acute or chronic issues in need of 24-hour observation.

Residential, or live-in, addiction treatment at our rehab facility near Tampa is the perfect option for someone who has already undergone detox (perhaps in a hospital prior to receiving treatment at River Oaks). These individuals may still need 24-hour supervision or are not ready for one of our milder care options, so they stay in hotel-like rooms on-site every night and attend a structured program of classes and sessions every day in a sober environment.

What to Expect in Inpatient Rehab

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

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There are 2 main types of outpatient services offered at our addiction treatment facility in Riverview, FL near Tampa:

Learn more about each level of outpatient addiction treatment and what to expect when you start an outpatient rehab program below.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), sometimes called day treatment, are a perfect transitional option for individuals getting ready to live away from a 24-hour facility. Treatment focuses on therapy and skill-building to help individuals prepare for life in recovery outside a facility. The PHP schedule at River Oaks consists of 6 hours of treatment, 5 days a week. Many of the same inpatient treatment options are still available, including therapy and 12-Step groups.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) include scheduled treatment sessions for at least 3 hours a day, 3 days a week. This is a great transitional step between residential treatment and living in recovery outside a treatment facility. Psychotherapy groups and 12-Step meetings are both available on-site. Medical providers are also on staff to provide care as needed.

At River Oaks, we also offer a virtual community IOP program. Sessions are held online Monday through Friday from 5 p.m.–8 p.m. To learn more about telehealth addiction treatment at our facility, call us at .

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I just wanted to say. River oaks has saved my life. It’s been 4 years since I’ve touched drugs & almost 2 years since I’ve touched alcohol & I owe it all to RO.
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