The Rally Point: AAC

Addiction Treatment for Veterans in Tampa-St. Petersburg
Learn about our customized addiction programming for Veterans and check your benefits for addiction treatment coverage.
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The Rally Point: AAC

At River Oaks Treatment Center, a VA Center of Excellence, we provide quality substance use and co-occurring disorder treatment designed specifically to meet the needs of Vets.

Customized Treatment for Veterans

Military service can take an enormous physical and emotional toll on those who serve, sometimes leading to substance misuse. The Rally Point: AAC program at our rehab facility in Riverview, Florida, empowers Veterans to rebuild from the trauma they have experienced, re-establish connections with family and friends, and begin to repair the parts of themselves that may seem irreparably broken.

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About The Rally Point: AAC

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What to Expect at River Oaks

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Your Path to Recovery at River Oaks

At River Oaks, our different levels of care meet you where you are and provide the right treatment for you.

If you need help and want to learn more about our programs, call us at .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for community care with the VA?

The VA provides a list of criteria for eligibility for community care. Should you be eligible, you can search for any VA-approved community care provider, such as River Oaks Treatment Center.

Is your program open to first responders as well as Veterans?

Yes, we welcome all first responders, as well as Veterans of any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, into our specialized program.

What is the process of getting admitted to the program?

We make the process of getting admitted easy. You can call us day or night at and we will help you verify your benefits, discuss your needs and treatment options, review what to expect in our program, and start the rehab admissions process.

There Is Hope on the Horizon

When you choose to admit you need help, the healing begins. See how others like you have turned their lives around by coming to River Oaks.

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