The River Oaks Rehab Alumni Program

Participating in an addiction recovery alumni program offers tremendous benefits to help you maintain recovery after formal treatment concludes. Rehab alumni programs provide a way to engage with peers, help you stay motivated, and maintain your connection to a support network.

The River Oaks alumni program helps rehab alumni stay connected and get the support they need for continued success in recovery.

Community of Alumni Recovering Everywhere (CARE)

All those who have attended a River Oaks treatment program are invited to join the River Oaks alumni program. CARE, which stands for Community of Alumni Recovering Everywhere, offers a welcoming community where addiction recovery alumni can support each other, develop friendships, and share hope and recovery milestones.

To foster connection and personal growth, the CARE program features include the following:

  • Alumni app (Connections App)
  • Alumni meetings
  • Alumni speakers
  • Alumni events

Our Alumni App: Your Recovery Connection

American Addiction Centers offers a confidential alumni app to keep you connected to your recovery community, encourage your continued growth, and help maintain your accountability.

The alumni app allows those who have successfully completed their treatment program to:

  • Track the progress you’re making toward your recovery goals.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Participate in wellness challenges.
  • Consume recovery-related content with podcasts and articles.
  • Get and stay connected to a supportive alumni community.
  • Receive support from peer engagement specialists.

Alumni Meetings & Speakers

River Oaks Treatment Center also has weekly meetings and monthly speaker events to provide additional opportunities for alumni to stay connected.

Weekly Virtual AAC Global Alumni Meetings

Alumni meetings provide a platform where alumni can connect to individuals at all stages of the recovery process. During these meetings, alumni share recovery stories, offer each other valuable insights, and instill hope in one another.

While River Oaks does not currently host an alumni meeting at its treatment facility, alumni from all American Addiction Centers (AAC) treatment facilities are encouraged to join weekly Zoom meetings where the alumni family can foster their ongoing connection to peers with similar experiences and goals.

River Oaks alumni program participants are also welcome to join AA/NA meetings held on-site at River Oaks Treatment Center. 

River Oaks Alumni Speaker Events

Each month, River Oaks invites alumni back to the facility so they can share their experiences and offer support to those currently in treatment.

Being of service to others can be an integral part of recovery. When peers help peers, both sides can experience hope, motivation, and empowerment.1

If you’re interested in becoming an alumni speaker, please contact us at

Alumni Events & Outings

The friendships and fun activities you enjoyed during treatment don’t have to end just because your treatment program has concluded. Our rehab alumni program in Florida organizes quarterly events and outings to maintain and nurture your connection to your recovery community.

Events may include activities such as:

  • Alumni bowling.
  • Themed events, such as holiday gatherings or fall trips to the pumpkin patch.
  • Baseball games.
  • Bonfires.
  • And more!

How Alumni Programs Benefit You

Recovery is a life-long journey that involves continual growth and resilience.2 When formal addiction treatment ends, research shows maintaining sources of social support can help a person sustain recovery and lowers their risk of returning to substance use.3,4

Going through treatment for substance use disorder and achieving recovery can be life changing. You may have had to let go of people and friendships that are unable to support your sobriety.

Having a community of peers who understand what you’ve been through and can relate to the challenges you face in recovery can help. This may be especially true in moments when it seems easy to return to substance use.

To ensure recovery support continues beyond when formal treatment ends, rehab alumni programs are often included as a part of a person’s rehab aftercare plan.

At River Oaks, every person who comes to our facility for treatment becomes a part of our family. We work tirelessly to ensure you get the support and care you deserve from the moment you call us and start the admissions process to long after you successfully complete your treatment program.

We hope you’ll join us at a meeting, speaker event, or community chat on the alumni app. You will be welcomed with open arms.

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