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We receive many questions about our facility, our policies, and our treatment options on a daily basis. Here you’ll find many of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions that do not appear in our FAQ, feel free to contact us at hello@riveroakstreatment.com.

Do You Take Insurance?

We do accept insurance as an out-of-network treatment provider. We are TRICARE certified, and accept TRICARE Select and TRICARE Prime for family of service members.

We also accept private pay and offer several options for payment, including financing. You can verify your insurance benefits here or call us at to speak with someone who will verify your insurance and discuss payment options with you.

What Is the Intake Process?

Our intake process is focused on helping you feel comfortable as you ease into your treatment program and on determining which options will be most appropriate for your needs.

Our intake department is made up of several individuals who are all registered nurses (RNs), and clients receive a thorough nursing assessment and brief mental health assessment after arriving on the premises.

In addition, our RNs work with an on-call physician in order to determine the appropriate level of care necessary for each patient. For example, not everyone needs to begin detox after arriving at the facility, while some individuals do. This is why we make sure all patients receives a focused evaluation upon arriving.

Will I Get a Psychiatric Evaluation?

Within 48 hours of your arrival at River Oaks, we ensure that you will receive a thorough psychiatric evaluation from a licensed therapist. You and your therapist will then be able to begin building a personalized treatment plan that allows you to receive the options you require for a safe and healthy recovery.

How Long Will I Be at River Oaks?

Treatment lengths are based on the individual needs of each patient. The truth of the matter is, though, studies have shown that the longer someone stays in treatment, the better the chances are for long-term recovery.

If an individual stays in treatment for an uninterrupted span of 90 days or more, their chance of long-term recovery increases significantly.

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Available?

Yes, we use certain addiction treatment medications when they are needed and determined to be appropriate by our medical team. These medications include naltrexone (Vivitrol), suboxone, and others.

Is My Treatment Completely Confidential?

Yes. At River Oaks, we operate under the federal laws of HIPPA and 42 CFR. You will be asked if you would like to sign an ROI (release of information document) in order for your information to be shared with specific loved ones. You’ll have the right to sign and/or agree to the ROI in the scope of any information that they choose.

If you would like us to share your information with a designated loved one, we will do so according to your wishes laid out when signing the ROI. If not, no information will be shared whatsoever with anyone, regardless of their relationship with you.

Will You Work With My Employer?

Yes. We have a case management team on staff who can assist you in contacting your employer about FMLA, leave of absence, and other options so that you can focus on your recovery during your stay at River Oaks, rather than worrying about employment issues.

Can My Family Visit Me While in Treatment? How Often?

Your family and loved ones can visit you while you are in treatment. We offer visitation options every weekend on Saturdays for men and Sundays for women. Visitation times are subject to change and will be listed on your program schedule.

Can I Smoke?

We do allow cigarettes, cigars, and vapes, as long as they are brand new and sealed when you arrive. We also allow the use of oral tobacco.

There are designated areas and times where smoking is allowed, and we try to make these available whenever possible. Patients with available funds are allowed to purchase tobacco products from our vendor twice a week. In addition, we provide smoking cessation and tobacco cessation classes should you want to quit.

Can I Bring My Cell Phone and Computer?

While cell phones and computers are allowed, in order to ensure a safe and therapeutic environment, and to protect the privacy of our patients, the use of cell phones and other electronic devices may be restricted during certain levels of care and treatment times. To learn more, please visit our our cell phone and electronics use policy page.

Will I Get to Leave the Facility Periodically?

Yes. You will be able to attend outside 12-step groups up to 3 times a week if you and your therapist feel you are ready for these outings. Patients who are in the right treatment phase are encouraged to participate in off-site activities to local attractions. Some of our favorite outings include trips to the beach, the park, Tampa Bay-area attractions, putt-putt golf, and Lithia Springs.

What Happens When I Leave Treatment?

You needn’t worry about what the next step will be when leaving treatment. At River Oaks, we offer full recovery plans for our clients as well as full support in transitioning into the next phase of recovery.

I Have Another Question…

Those with further questions are encouraged to call us any time, day or night at (813) 551-3608. We are always available to take your questions and to help you learn more about treatment and recovery at River Oaks.

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