Do You Offer Specialized Treatment Programs at River Oaks

Many addiction treatment facilities offer specialized programs for different groups of individuals, including women, men, young adults, LGBTQ individuals, etc. Facilities that offer these types of specialized tracks sometimes separate clients based on their specific needs.

While we do offer certain benefits for clients with unique needs, at River Oaks do not separate our clients from one another according to these needs.

We believe that all of our clients have the capability to learn from, teach, and inspire one another. In many instances, an older male client who has struggled with alcohol addiction for years will believe he has nothing in common with a younger male client who is coping with heroin addiction. The truth is, when these individuals begin to interact with one another, they can see how similar their experiences truly are, how much they have in common, and how much they can learn from and help to support one another. When people of different backgrounds sit together in group therapy, they can begin to see how much they can offer one another in terms of wisdom, support, and assistance in recovery.

We also believe that the core principles of treatment addiction are the same whether a client is young or old, male or female, LGBTQ or straight, etc. We offer accommodations and unique treatment options for those who can benefit from them, but creating an entirely different treatment model for different groups of individuals limits the option of client-to-client interaction, which can be an amazing part of the healing process.

Do You Make Accommodations for Specific Patients?

People of different backgrounds sit together in group therapy for substance abuse addiction treatmentAccommodations are certainly an option for clients who need them. We understand the unique needs of specific groups, such as women or the elderly, in addiction treatment, and we will strive to ensure that all clients are given fair, individualized, and effective care.


Veterans suffer with substance misuse at high rates and often experience PTSD and other mental health disorders. River Oaks offers specialized treatment for Veterans, including trauma-informed care, to address the unique needs and experiences of military Vets.

First Responders

First responders experience high rates of substance abuse, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. We have treated many first responders and understand these individuals are focused on helping others so much of the time that they sometimes forget to help themselves. First responders also struggle with trauma in many cases, which requires trauma-informed care. We offer special care for first responders at River Oaks.


LGBTQ individuals also experience higher rates of substance abuse, as well as mental disorders. These individuals are offered specialized treatment options, such as group therapy, at our facility but are also part of the overall population at River Oaks. Clients who require specialized or LGBTQ-affirmative care need only discuss their situations with their primary therapists to ensure their needs are met.

Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment

Many individuals recovering from addiction are also trauma survivors. Trauma-informed therapy is one of the most important parts of recovery treatment for trauma survivors, especially in order to minimize the chances of further trauma or retraumatization. We offer several therapeutic options for trauma clients, including equine therapy (shown to be effective in treating trauma), dialectical behavior therapy, and Biosound therapy.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

At River Oaks, we offer therapy sessions that are gender-specific, which allows our patients to open up more easily about their lives without the fear of speaking in front of opposite-gendered individuals. We encourage patients to connect with the gender with which they most identify. Men and women at the facility have their own lodgings, group sessions, and cafeterias.

Emotional Recovery Treatment Track

River Oaks offers an Emotional Recovery treatment track for clients who have mental health issues such as trouble with emotional highs and lows, history of traumatic loss, interpersonal conflicts, and/or thoughts and behaviors that lead to emotional turmoil. It includes 4 weekly skill-building groups, individual therapy session weekly that focus on identifying the emotional needs, understanding personal vulnerabilities, planning and implementing change as part of a planned course of treatment.

Putting Our Clients’ Needs First Through Individualized Care

As previously stated, we do not separate our clients into specified groups based on certain traits. What we do offer is individualized care based on each client’s specific treatment plan and effective recovery options associated with the unique needs of each and every one of our clients.

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