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Over the course of two decades, there was a nationwide increase in drug overdose deaths in rural counties, jumping from 4% in 1999 to 19.6% in 2019.1 This dramatic increase clearly illustrates the need for addiction treatment in many rural areas across the country, including rural areas of Florida.

If you are a Floridian living in a rural area, you may not have to travel far to find high-quality addiction treatment.

Finding Rural Florida Addiction Treatment

Finding Addiction Treatment in Rural Areas of Florida

Many rural areas in Florida are medically underserved and experience a shortage of local healthcare providers. Resources for addiction treatment in these communities may be scarce. As such, patients in need of care may have to look outside their immediate area to find the help they need.
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Addiction and Drug Misuse in Rural Communities in FL

Addiction and Drug Misuse in Rural Communities in FL

According to the Rural Health Information Hub, use of methamphetamines among adults in rural areas is higher than it is in urban areas.2 Prescription drug misuse and heroin use also continue to be a major concern, increasing in both rural and urban areas.2

In 2019, binge alcohol use by youths ages 12 to 17 in rural areas was 5.4% compared with 4.8% in large metropolitan areas.2 Additionally, 14.2% of rural adults used marijuana, 16.6% used illicit drugs, 3.1% misused opioids, 1.3% used cocaine, 1.7% used hallucinogens (e.g., shrooms, LSD), and 1.2% used methamphetamines.2

Contributing factors to rural substance use include lack of educational attainment, poverty, unemployment, scarcity of mental health care, and isolation.2

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