Alcohol and Drug Addiction Programs Near St. Petersburg

Like many communities, alcohol and drugs—both illicit and prescribed—are a significant problem for St. Petersburg. From 2019 to 2020, drug overdose deaths in Pinellas County increased 26%.1

Finding a drug and alcohol treatment center in or near St. Petersburg is key to helping a person address addiction and work toward sobriety.

Addiction Help Near St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg Rehab & Aftercare

What to expect from drug and alcohol treatment centers in St. Petersburg? When it comes to looking for addiction help and rehabs in Florida, there are various types of treatment available at St. Petersburg rehab facilities to address substance use issues.2,3,4
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Drug & Alcohol Related Stats

Florida’s Drug & Alcohol Related Statistics

According to the CDC, 7,231 Floridians died from a drug overdose in 2020.9 Opioid misuse is a major problem in Pinellas County, with more than one person dying every 26 hours from an opioid-related overdose.10 In 2021, of the 576 drug overdose deaths in Pinellas, 480 involved opioids.11
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