What To Bring To River Oaks

Welcome to River Oaks Treatment Center. Coming to Treatment is a life changing experience, whether this is your first stay or you’ve previously been in a Treatment Facility. We are so glad that you’ve chosen to get help with your Addiction here at River Oaks. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that will help guide you through our Treatment Process.


Most of what you need will be provided for you, however these are common items that our clients have questions about:


This is Florida, and while it does get cool in the winter months, we generally have warm weather. You only need to bring about 7 days of clothing with you as your laundry will be done for you once per week. Remember to bring some warm-weather clothing, shorts and t-shirts are ok. Also you may want to bring at least one pair of athletic shoes as we are a 26-acre campus that is beautifully landscaped and which provides a wealth of physical activities. Please do not bring overly tight, short or revealing clothing. We have both men and women on campus and we want to be respectful to everyone. Do not bring clothing that advertises/glorifies alcohol or drugs, violence or suggestive materials. And while our campus is full of peaceful flowing fountains, we do not have a pool so you do not need to bring a swimsuit. We also provide daily Housekeeping Service and an Executive Chef with a full Culinary Team to prepare meals.


You cannot carry or use your personal cell phone while at River Oaks. You will be able to access it once per week, only if needed, in order to get phone numbers, addresses etc. We do have a 7-day blackout period at admission, but once our clients’ pass their 7th day you can access our facility phones at scheduled times throughout the day at assigned times. Clients cannot utilize personal laptops or tablets. We have a computer lab set up that you can access as scheduled under the supervision of our Case Managers. You can bring a MP3 player and headphones as long as it cannot access the internet, take pictures or record audio. Please do not bring external speakers as they cause disruption and are not permitted on campus. We ask that you not bring personal technology items to the campus as we do not want to be responsible for lost or broken items that you cannot use while here in Treatment.


We do permit smoking on campus in designated areas only, and at designated times only throughout the day. You may bring unopened cigarettes, vapor e-cigs (all fluids must be new in an unopened package), and even cigars. We have an order process set up twice weekly and a vendor that delivers these tobacco products. Unfortunately, we do not allow chewing or dipping tobacco products on campus. We also provide smoking cessation assistance for those who wish to stop smoking.


Our clients do not carry money or credit/debit cards. We place all personals in a safe room in the administration building. We do set up individual client accounts for small amounts so that our clients can order tobacco products and some specific/preferred hygiene products. We do not permit any outside food or beverage on campus.


We ask all of our arriving clients to bring all medications that they are taking with them to the facility. You will not be able to remain on narcotic/controlled medications while at River Oaks. We have a full team of Physicians and Advanced Nurse Practitioners to assist our clients with medication management.


We offer a multitude of various types of therapeutic and recreational activities. Please remember that you are coming for Treatment and your insurance benefits may be assisting with payment, it is important to note that attendance to all assigned groups and activities is required. We provide Therapist-facilitated Process and Curriculum Groups 7-days-per-week. We also provide Massage Therapy, Expressive Therapy, Equine Therapy, Certified Trainerfacilitated Wellness Groups, Life Skills, Psychoeducational and Addiction Education Groups, Relapse Prevention Groups, 12-Step Recovery Groups 7-days-per-week, Recreational Activities including outdoor Tennis Courts, Basketball Court, Softball Field, wooded Twelve Step Serenity Paths and a weekly onsite Movie Night. Your days will be full and rewarding!


We do take our client’s offsite to community-based 12-Step Meetings, Jogging Activities and Haircuts for those that choose. However, the majority of your time will be spent on our spacious 26-acre campus. It is important to note that our clients are not permitted to be offsite without staff approval and supervision, and we ask that all of our clients are in their rooms nightly at 11pm. We have a comprehensive Client Handbook that you will receive once you arrive. All of our program rules and expectations are set up for our clients’ safety and comfort. We hope that knowing a few of the expectations will help you to feel more comfortable in coming to River Oaks. We look forward to seeing you soon.