Features & Amenities

inpatient housing at river oaks treatment center in riverview, florida

At River Oaks, we offer a plethora of features and amenities to help make your stay as comfortable as possible and to foster your recovery.

Our broad range of features, therapies, and activities can help make your stay one in which you have the opportunity to reflect, to reconnect with yourself without the influence of substances, to connect to others, and to find joy in healthy activities.

Our Rooms

We offer semi-private, hotel-like rooms with private bathrooms. Each room has full beds with pillow-top mattresses. Private rooms are an option. Please ask about cost and availability.

Meals and Snacks

  • Executive chef-prepared meals: The meals we offer are dietitian-approved and nutritionally balanced, prepared by one executive chef and two sous chefs. Because substance abuse often leads to poor nutrition and a whole host of medical issues, getting full, balanced meals each day is essential to recovering your physical health and overall wellness.
  • Sundries: Our on-site store sells miscellaneous items, including sodas, chips, sparkling water, and candy bars. Clients with available funds are permitted to purchase a limited number of items from the sundries shop daily.

Holistic Therapies

  • Massages: All clients receive one massage upon arrival and can purchase more if they so wish.
  • Biosound chair. Our biosound chair allows clients to use music and sounds to deal with stress, minimize anxiety, and promote sleep, as well as to learn skills like self-soothing.
  • Expressive art and music therapy. Learn to work through emotions in healthy ways, such as through musical and artistic expression.

Recreational Activities

  • Outdoor tennis
  • Basketball
  • Running track
  • Gym
  • Softball field
  • Bag toss/cornhole
  • Indoor recreational activities, such as adult coloring books, arts and crafts (making wristbands, string art, etc.), and puzzles.