Karah Moody, LMHC, CPP, MCAP,  is a licensed mental health counselor and the LGBTQ2+ Coordinator at River Oaks Treatment Center program. Moody has worked with substance abuse and mental health for over 20 years. She has implemented DBT in an emotional recovery track for clients in substance abuse and mental health treatment and focuses on issues specific to the LGBTQ2+ population. She also is a Master’s Level Addiction Professional and a Child Parent Psychotherapist. Moody specializes in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) with special populations. She utilizes a holistic approach that addresses the body, mind and soul.

“I love my work. I chose a career that allows me to be of service to others and have the privilege of part of so many people’s recovery journey. Being able to be an LGBTQ coordinator has given me more opportunity to advocate, educate and meet specific needs of this population in a treatment setting. This is a rare program and hopefully is soon a norm in all treatment programs.”


Culturally competent treatment is essential for trans people recovering from substance use: LBTQ Nation