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Payment Options

  • Many people assume they cannot afford treatment or are under the impression that getting addiction treatment is out of their reach financially. However, our treatment costs are covered by many insurance plans. When you first call our Admissions Navigators, they will help you determine what percentage, if any, of the treatment costs are covered by your insurance plan.

  • FREE insurance verification

    Our highly trained Admissions Navigators can help you decide the payment option that best meets your needs.

You Can Afford Addiction Treatment

  • Insurance Coverage

    Admissions Navigators can help you verify a potential client’s insurance benefits at no cost and without obligation.

  • Payment Plan

    To assist in determining the most suitable option for treatment payment for your particular situation, our highly trained Admissions Navigators will help you choose one of our affordable payment plan options.

  • Private Pay

    We are committed to protecting your health information and privacy according to applicable law. Some clients prefer to pay out of pocket for services rather than going through their health plan. All methods of payment are confidential.

Treatment Cost Myths
(and why they aren’t true)

  • “I don’t have the money today, so I have to wait to call.”

    Not true. We offer several payment options and work with most insurance plans. Call today and let our Admissions Navigators get help for you or your loved one NOW.

  • “I can’t afford quality care.”

    Not true. We work with numerous insurance companies to help our clients achieve manageable payment plans. Substance abuse treatment programs are eligible for coverage under many insurance plans.

  • “If my insurance doesn’t pay for treatment, I’m out of options.”

    Not true. There are options. Addiction has negatively impacted your life, family, and maybe even your career. We want you to get treatment, and we’ll work to find a payment option that fits your financial situation or we’ll make a referral to the appropriate program.

The Price of Not Getting Help

When contemplating the costs of addiction treatment for yourself, child, or loved one, consider the costs, or consequences, of “things as they are now.” What would happen if the substance abuse or addiction continued?

Contact River Oaks, and we will help you or your loved one get the treatment needed to stop the dangerous, progressive effects of addiction.