Addiction Treatment Covered by Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna is a national health insurance company that offers healthcare coverage for members in Florida and other southern states.1 Several local facilities are in-network with Cigna.

Read on to learn more about accessing your Cigna drug and alcohol rehab coverage and maximizing your insurance benefits.

Does Cigna Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

Yes, Cigna should cover addiction treatment for most substance use disorders. The exact amount and type of coverage will vary depending on your specific policy, location, and place you are seeking care.

For residents of Florida and surrounding states, Cigna has individual and family plans to assist you with your needs.1

Other states that might accept Cigna coverage for addiction treatment include Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia.3

What Services Does Cigna Cover?

Although coverage differs from state to state, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) deems mental health and substance abuse services as essential health benefits. That means Cigna and other insurers that sell plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace must cover behavioral and mental health and substance use disorders in some capacity.4

Some specific services that Cigna may cover include:2

  • Inpatient.
  • Outpatient.
  • Coaching and support.
  • Private therapy.
  • Telehealth

Find out what type of Cigna substance abuse coverage you have right away by . Our admissions navigators are here to make the entire journey as easy as possible so you don’t have to go through the process alone.

Using Cigna to Pay for Rehab

Using your insurance to pay for any healthcare can be complicated, but there are a variety of ways to get Cigna to cover rehab and addiction treatment.

Cigna’s website contains useful information where members can confirm their benefits and plan requirements, such as prior authorizations required for care.

Every policy is different, which means the cost of drug and alcohol rehab through Cigna will vary. Coverage also fluctuates depending on the type of treatment and length of stay.

Whatever addiction services you need, most quality treatment centers, like River Oaks, offer payment options to defray the cost.

To get started, fill out the form below or contact us directly at . Verifying your insurance information is the first step to beginning the recovery process.

Addiction Treatments & Therapies Covered by Cigna

A range of cutting-edge, evidence-based addiction treatments may be covered by Cigna. When seeking care for an alcohol or substance use disorder, it’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits all approach, and treatment plans should be tailored to the individual.5

Check your insurance quickly and confidentially by filling out the form below. In just a few minutes, we’ll be able to answer questions about your coverage and determine whether your insurance will cover treatment at River Oaks or one of our sister facilities today.

Start your journey to a new beginning today.

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