Detox Centers In Florida

map for finding detox centers in floridaIn Florida, private substance use disorder recovery programs are owned and operated by corporations, private groups, or private individuals, whereas public facilities operate mainly by means of government support. There are three major differences to consider when choosing between a private and public rehabilitation/detox center:

  • Price: The first major difference is cost. Private rehabilitation centers will be far more costly than public rehabilitation centers. Insurance companies may not pick up many of these costs, especially costs that do not directly relate to treatment.
  • Variety of treatments: The second consideration between private and public rehabilitation centers is the availability of different services or therapies. Private rehabilitation centers often offer a wider variety of therapies or interventions than public centers do. Most public centers typically concentrate on standard and tried-and-true forms of treatment, whereas private facilities can offer newer or more experimental forms of treatment that may not have extensive empirical evidence to back their efficiency in the treatment of substance use disorders. Private programs are also more likely to offer complementary treatments.
  • Amenities and activities: Private facilities often offer a wide variety of amenities and activities. These may include state-of-the-art fitness centers, sports activities, spas, etc., whereas most public facilities do not offer these luxuries.

Detox Facilities in Florida

There are numerous private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida. Most of these centers are staffed by licensed medical doctors or licensed therapists with at least a master’s degree and specific training in the treatment of substance use disorders. These facilities must adhere to state regulations, and treatment providers in these facilities must have some type of specialized training. Most high-quality centers are staffed by individuals with significant credentials and national recognition.

Florida detox centers provide withdrawal treatment for a number of different substance use disorders, and most of these centers are capable of addressing any major type of substance use disorder. Most detox facilities offer both medically based and behaviorally based treatments.

Deciding on a private or public treatment center is often a matter of affordability for most individuals. Information about government or public-sponsored treatment facilities can be found on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Treatment Locator tool or in their directory of Single State Agencies for Substance Abuse Services. Private facilities can also be found easily throughout Florida, and one can read reviews of such facilities online.

When choosing a detox center in Florida, consider the following questions:

  • What are the individual’s goals for entering a detox center?
  • Is the program a short-term detox program or part of a long-term, comprehensive addiction treatment program? Which type of program best suits the individual’s needs?
  • What methods does the program use to alleviate cravings for drugs or alcohol?
  • Does the program focus on relapse prevention? This is a crucial aspect of any treatment program, even a detox program.
  • What type of therapies and support groups are available?
  • Is there a nutritional component to the program? Programs that incorporate diet and nutrition in the recovery are approaching the treatment from a holistic approach, and this is preferred.
  • Do the claims that the program makes for its success rates and its approach actually make sense? What standards are used to measure client success?

It’s important to note that detox on its own does not constitute addiction treatment; it only serves to help the individual withdraw from substances of abuse. Since there is no cure for addiction, this only addresses the physical aspect of addiction. Comprehensive treatment that includes therapy must follow detox to ensure the individual effectively addresses the addiction issue. After detox at a specialized Florida facility, individuals should continue into therapy.

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